7 Ways With Granola

Are you a big fan of granola but seem to always be eating the same way? Spice up your breakfast, snacks and desserts with our 7 ideas for using your granola. We promise every one is packed full of flavour and healthy ingredients to help fuel your daily adventure! 

As a topper

Adding a few scoops of granola to your porridge, ice-cream or cereal is a great way to add some extra fruit, seeds and nuts into your diet. Combine it with some extra peanut butter, yoghurt or fresh fruit to really liven up your breakfasts! 


Why not make your granola a little more indulgent by trying out our Banana & Granola Muffins! These are delicious straight out of the oven or can be batch-baked to enjoy all throughout the week. 


That’s right! Granola can be used to enjoy an easy, tasty and healthy dessert too. Check out our recipes for a Chocolate Strawberry Stack or Lemon, Yoghurt and Granola Parfait - these look fancy enough to impress your guests, with minimal prep and mess! 


Bircher is a new way for those who are always on the go to enjoy a tasty, healthy breakfast! The original recipe was named after its creator Maximilian Bircher-Benner, a Swiss physician and nutritionist who believed in living a simple and healthy life promoting harmony between people and nature. We have 2 recipes for you to try: Spiced Apple Bircher or Passionfruit and Mango Bircher. However, you can also try throwing in your own favourite milks, yoghurts and fruit to invent your own! 


Smoothies are another great make-ahead snack which you can enjoy on the go. Our Berry & Banana Oat Smoothie and our Date & Banana Oat Smoothie will both leave you feeling full, energised and ready to tackle whatever adventure lies ahead!

Apple stacks

A fun snack for big and small kids alike! These Apple Stacks are a simple combo of apple, granola and peanut butter - the combination of crunchy, juicy and sweet is delicious! 

7. Flying solo!

We like to think our granola is also good enough to enjoy in its own right! Whether its with some milk for breakfast, added to yoghurt for an afternoon snack or just a handful right from the bag, each bite of Good Granola is bursting with taste and goodness to fuel your daily adventure!

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