Adventures with Kids

Adventurers can start young, so why not encourage your kids (or big kids!) to try new things and step outside their comfort zone. These ideas aren’t just fun for the whole family, they’re a great way to bond and have your kids enjoying themselves without any technology involved!


Treasure Hunts

With this one, you can go as small or as big as you like. Make your kids a treasure hunt within your home, garden or, if they’re a bit older, travel out with them into your local village or town. The clues could be puzzles, photos, riddles or, if you want to get educational, a maths problem! They’ll love solving each clue and be proud of themselves when they find a prize waiting for them at the end. 




Make a Fort

That’s right, you can turn your own living room into a castle, den or secret hide out! It’s going to be messy but this adventure is a fun and free way to let your kids’ imaginations run wild. There could even be a secret entrance or password to keep out intruders! Also, let’s be honest, forts make everything cooler, so you can enjoy a jigsaw puzzle or game of cards with your little one inside and they’ll think it’s way more fun than watching tv!




Go for a Walk

Yes, this one may involve some whining and sore feet, but it’ll be worth it! You can start small with your local park and gradually build up to longer forest walks or hikes. Make sure to bring some snacks and binoculars for spying birds and animals. You could encourage your kids to collect pebbles, interesting-looking rocks or leaves and make a scrapbook of all your walks together.




Eat Dinner Outside

Eating dinner, of course, is something we all do every day but you can turn it into an adventure by having an outdoor picnic. You won’t have to worry about spills and it’ll be such a novelty, your kids might be willing to try new foods that they usually wouldn't. Whether isn’t great? Why not turn it into a road trip and bring your picnic in the car to a cool nearby spot.




Sleep Under the Stars

Marshmallows at the ready! A mini camping trip is an adventure for the whole family and a great way to make new memories together. Set up your tent, build your fire and make yourselves a dinner around the fire. You can show your kids new ways to have fun by singing campfire songs, toasting marshmallows or telling scary stories around the fire. 




Make Friends with an Animal 

Everybody loves animals and helping your kids connect with them is a great way to teach them the importance of taking care of the environment. You could take them to a local farm and feed the goats or chicks, make your own bird feeder together and place it in your garden or even learn about different types of birds together and take them bird watching. 




Grow Something

Whether it’s planting cress in yoghurt pots, having a strawberry plant on the windowsill or growing sunflowers in the garden, your kids will love getting their hands in the dirt and starting to garden! It’s also a great way to teach them how to care for something and be responsible. 



Make a Passport

It’s never too early to start teaching your little ones about other cultures. Why not make them their very own ‘passport’ together and add a new country every week? They could cut out flags and pictures to stick inside, write about the country’s food or traditions and maybe learn a few words of the local language. 


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