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I love meeting new people, especially those who are really passionate about what they do. James and I met after a mutual friend and expedition partner put us in touch as she knew we shared some similar interests. It didn't take long to establish that she was right, we both love breakfast and we both love adventure! James has channelled his passions for these two things into the Breakfast Adventure Club which he founded and is currently growing one adventure at a time! My inquisitive (some say nosey!) mind was all too keen to learn more.....

Breakfast Adventure Club Cold Mornings


The name gives some clues, but can you tell me in a few sentences what the Breakfast Adventure Club (B.A.C.) is?

The Breakfast Adventure Club is a showcase of two things that I really love-breakfast, and adventures!  Right now it's an online journal with the aim of inspiring people to get back to the simple things in life, like enjoying a meal together or being in the outdoors, but watch out for new developments in 2016. 


What was your motivation for starting up?

I have always been interested in outdoor photography, and story telling, so for a long time now I have wanted to start producing my own stories. It's a really exciting time for adventure and exploration, and I want to be a part of that in some small way. I also wanted to bring cooking into it, because I think food is such an important part of how we connect as people. There is something really powerful about cooking for or with people, especially when you are on an expedition or adventure. Lastly, it's a personal thing. The Breakfast Adventure Club is my check on myself to keep doing the things I love and to do them in a real and authentic way.


At The Good Granola Company we believe in daily adventures, whereby everyone can incorporate something new or exciting into their day. What does adventure mean to you and why is it such an important part of your life?

Adventure to me is about pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, usually in new places or new ways. We live in a constantly connected world, where everything is available all the time, but this rarely leads to a fulfilled life and we begin to forget the real value of things. Adventure serves as a way to reset that, it keeps you in touch with what's really important in life.  Sometimes that will be on a big trip, or it could be in the everyday adventures you have after work, where you learn the value of strong friendships and that you don't have to spend lots of money to be happy. 


Breakfast Adventure Club enjoying socialising round a campfire.


What’s the most adventurous thing you have ever done?

I think the most adventurous thing I have done would have to be my expedition to Oman with the British Exploring Society. It was my first big trip, first time outside of Europe, I didn't know anyone, I couldn't speak Arabic, and I had no idea how to go about raising the money for it! But in the end, it was the right choice. I ended up co-authoring a science paper, helped with vital conservation work and found prehistoric stone tools just lying in the desert! 


…and your most memorable breakfast?

On the trip to Oman, we would camp outside, sleeping in bivvy bags on a sheet of plastic.  Waking up in the literal middle of nowhere, surrounded by these huge dunes is one thing I will never forget. 


Breakfast Adventure Club in the desert


Is breakfast really the most important meal of the day?

Yes it is! Nutritionally, your body has just been starving itself. You need to fuel up if you are going to be performing at your best from the start. Your body gets its fuel from either your food, or your body, so if you are running on empty, you are just going to be burning precious muscle! This is the last thing you want while trying to push hard on an adventure! 


Periodically we can all find ourselves in a rush in the morning, any tips for breakfast on the go? 

I worked in engineering where I had an hour commute and a 7:30 start, so I know all about the morning grind. During the week it's really important to be organised, and I find smoothies are the easiest thing to make in a rush. You can prepare the ingredients before and store them in a sandwich bag in the fridge or freezer, so it's just a case of putting it all in the blender and off you go. Ideally though, if you "don't have time" for breakfast on a regular basis something is wrong. Try putting a curfew on the TV and going to bed earlier and waking up just 15 minutes earlier to give yourself time to have something before you leave.


I’ve really enjoyed checking out the breakfast ideas and recipes on your blog, what are your favourites?

I really like the huevos rancheros.  I don't get to have them that often so they are a real treat! I enjoy spending a lazy morning cooking, with some good music on and a pot of coffee but it's also a really social dish and I love cooking for people. 


What’s next for BAC?

It's a really busy time for the BAC, with lots of exciting plans in store. I'm just back from #projecticeland so as well as the wrap up from that you can find updates and plans for 2016 on Twitter and the website.


Breakfast Adventure Club Travel


You can find the Breakfast Adventure Club online at www.thebreakfastadventureclub.com

James is also on Twitter @BreakyAdventure

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