Inspiration : New Year, New Adventure Challenges

This year, we want to help you squeeze even more adventure into your every day life. That doesn’t have to mean doing something crazy like going bungee jumping or dying your hair purple (unless you want to!). But hopefully these little tips and tricks will let you meet your adventure goals in 2018! 


Make a bucket list

Writing down what you want out of life is a great way to put things in perspective and kick start your planning. Otherwise, weeks, months or even years can go by and your adventures can easily slip away and become forgotten. By having a particular adventure that you want to work towards, it’s all that more likely to happen if you start saving money, planning or building up the skills you need to do it! 


Try something new for 30 days

This is a great way to form new habits and 30 days is a short enough time frame to be able to stick to. You could try reading for an hour, cycle to work, stop complaining, watch a documentary, write a card to a friend…whatever it is, you’ll look back on your month as an inspiration to keep going into whatever your daily adventure is. 



Cook something new you’ve never tried

Spicing things up in the kitchen can be a fun adventure that gets the whole family involved! Often, we settle into routines when it comes to cooking, especially if we have busy lifestyles. And there’s nothing wrong with that. But cooking can be a cost effective and easy way to have a little adventure in your own home!


Explore your own town

Becoming a local tourist is a mini adventure in itself. Maybe you’re a jet-setter who has been all around the world, but has never visited that local museum or climbed the mountain just 30 minutes down the road. Explore your neighbourhood and discover what adventures could be lurking on your very own doorstep.


Say yes more

We get it, life is busy. And often stressful. It can be easy to feel like you don’t have time to take that mini break with friends, go out for dinner or try the new yoga studio that’s just opened up. But guess what? You CAN make the time to do those things! By saying ‘yes’ to all the opportunities that come your way for a month, week or just one day will do wonders for packing in the adventure.


Say no more

On the other hand, it’s okay to say ‘no’ too and take some time for yourself! Perhaps you say yes too much; to helping out family, looking after your neighbour’s kids, or volunteering at your local running club. If these things are holding you back from the adventures you really want to be doing, then it’s okay to say no! 



Of course, we love travelling, and it can often be the best adventure of all. Getting away is the best way to try new things, meet people from other cultures and appreciate the beauty and adventure that life has to offer. Also, you’ll appreciate home more when you eventually come back! So if there’s somewhere you’ve always wanted to go, buy that travel guide, book those tickets and get exploring! 


Discover a new culture

If you can’t afford to travel, then it’s still possible to discover new cultures from where you are NOW. Perhaps there is someone at work who comes from a different background than you? Why not invite them over for dinner and learn about where they come from? You could hold a theme night for friends and research food, music, dancing, maybe even some of the language from a certain country and share it with them. Adventure doesn’t have to mean getting on a 12-hour plane journey, it can be something you create for yourself!

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