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What immediately struck me about Laura was her refreshingly down to earth attitude on all things nutrition and her very approachable nature. This made her an instantly engaging speaker and it quickly became obvious that this lady knows her stuff! We first met at a Women In Business networking event where Laura was presenting and gave a fantastic talk around the advice she offers through Dietaryfit. I soon got in touch for a follow up session and was able to make great use of the sports nutrition advice that Laura offered. Here she kindly shares some of her top tips with us.

Laura Dietary Fit

First things first, what is Dietaryfit?

Dietaryfit was set up by myself in the last 2 years and defines the advice that I provide to clients; both dietary and fitness advice. As a qualified Dietitian and Fitness Instructor, I work with individuals on an one-one basis or as part of a group. I provide evidence based advice in helping individuals to lose weight, manage medical conditions such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) as well as sports nutrition. I have a motivational Facebook page and each month I have a 'hot topic' in which I cover things such as healthy eating, foods to fuel exercise, providing meal ideas and how to meet calcium requirements. 

What inspired you to start?

I started it as at the time I was working only part-time in the NHS as a Dietitian and I have a huge passion for health, nutrition and fitness and enjoy working with motivated individuals. I now work full-time in the NHS but I am passionate about sharing my knowledge and experience and providing up-to-date and evidence based advice to private clients through consultations and via my Facebook page. 

What is your definition of healthy eating?

It is about eating the correct balance of foods from the five different food groups; starchy carbohydrates, fruit and vegetables, dairy, protein and fats and sugars. It avoids fad eating/diets and includes eating regular balanced meals and drinking adequate amounts of fluids.


Dietary Fit Salad

What would be your top 3 tips for those of us trying to eat healthily at this time of year?

1. Don't skip meals
2. Avoid fad diets that claim they promote large and rapid weight loss
3. Plan and organise your meals to help you make sensible choices

Lots of us are trying to get back into sporting activities after the festive period, what are the key nutrients to get on board if you are planning on exercising?

Eating regular balanced meals is very important and eating from all the different food groups is essential. Getting the correct balance and timing of carbohydrates and protein is important to help fuel exercise as well as helping to replenish glycogen stores. Ensuring the correct type of and quantity of fluid dependent upon the type of exercise can allow for optimal physical performance.

At The Good Granola Company we obviously love breakfast time! Is it really the most important meal of the day?

All meals are important and skipping meals is not recommended. Breakfast is important for so many reasons but particularly to help provide energy and help fuel the brain and get the body ready for the day ahead!


Dietary Fit fruit salad


You lead a very busy life, how do you make sure that you eat properly when you are very busy or on the go all day?

I try to organise and plan my meals to make it easier to eat balanced meals but as I spend an hour travelling home from work, I take healthy snacks with me such as popcorn, fruit, bite size vegetables such as cherry tomatoes and oatcakes are a favourite to prevent me being too hungry before dinner. I always take water with me so I can sip away when I'm on the go.

Where can our readers find out more?

If you like my Facebook page you can get fun, sensible and informative advice via 'Laura Duncan at Dietaryfit' or I can be contacted by email: laura.duncan@dietaryfit.co.uk. I will hopefully soon have a website so watch this space...

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