New Adventure Ideas That Won’t Break The Bank

When we think of adventure, sometimes we think of lavish holidays or expensive trips around the world. But there are plenty of exciting adventures out there which will cost you hardly anything. Your only limitation is your imagination!


Make Your Budget A Challenge

Not having any savings can be a big obstacle when it comes to having an adventure. This style isn’t for everyone, but why not grab a group of like-minded adventurers and see how far you can without spending anything? You could try hitchhiking, cycling or even busking to earn your keep on the go.




Travel Cheaply

There are plenty of places you can stay for very cheap or even in exchange for cooking/cleaning. Most cities will also have lots of cheap places to eat like food carts or markets, and probably some free attractions to see as well like museums, historic sights or walking tours. Get imaginative! 




Have A Stay At Home Adventure

This can be a great one for families with young ones. Why not try building a fort, create a treasure hunt or sleeping under the stars in your garden? Kids will love the excitement of trying something new in your own home and you’ll create some fun memories for them at the same time.



Have A Micro Adventure

If you prefer to start off small, check out Alastair Humphrey’s great book Microadventures. It’s a great guide to having a mini adventure with nothing but your own two feet (and maybe a sleeping bag or tent!). You’d be surprised at how much you can explore within just a few miles of your home.



Learn Something New

Make the most of the era we’re living in and explore the thousands of free online courses there are out there. Hop onto Youtube, OpenLearn or FutureLearn and learn how to speak a new language, cook your favourite meal, upcycle that chest of drawers or how to become an expert at yoga. The options are endless! 




You can go as big or as small as you like with them. Locally, you could volunteer at a homeless shelter, animal sanctuary or community garden. On a larger scale, you could join a volunteer charity trip abroad or even become a team member on an expedition. You’ll meet some great people and experience a new way of life, without breaking the bank.






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