Staying Healthy with a Busy Lifestyle

When you have  a demanding job, hectic schedule or jam-packed family life, staying healthy can often fall behind on your list of priorities. These little changes and ideas will help you stay in good health while on the go! 

Batch cook

Cooking in batches or meal prepping is so important for staying healthy when you have a jam-packed week ahead! Try setting aside one or two evenings during the week or at the weekend and batch cook some healthy chilli, curry, stew or soup to enjoy throughout the week. You can then pop them in the fridge or freezer to have ready when you come home after a busy day.



Bring some healthy snacks with you

If you find yourself getting peckish or with low energy levels throughout the day, it’s essential to have some healthy snacks on hand so you don’t end up reaching for a sugar or fatty fix. Instead, try bringing some carrot sticks, nuts, dried fruit or boiled eggs with you in your bag. Our granola is the perfect healthy snack as it’s jammed packed with fruit, nuts and seeds to keep you full for longer!


Invest in a water bottle

Staying hydrated is key for your health, energy levels and digestion. Invest in a decent, reusable water bottle to make sure you can fill up on the go.




Get a good night’s sleep

Sleep may not seem like a priority if you have a to do list as long as your arm, but giving your body time to rest is so important for staying healthy. Try to wind down at the end of your day by switching off all electronics, take a bath, drink some camomile tea, read…whatever it is that helps you relax to make sure you make the most of those sleeping hours.  



Make exercise a part of your lifestyle

If you’ve no time to get to the gym, simply try and squeeze in some exercise whenever and wherever you can. Why not cycle to work, or take  walk when you’re making some phone calls? You could take it one step further and invest in a standing desk or exercise bike so you can multitask your exercise and work 



Get organised

Staying organised will really help you to stay on top of your healthy habits. Try planning your meals so you don’t veer off course with a takeaway or forget dinner all together. Making to do lists and ticking them off throughout the week will also give you some clear head space and help you to feel more in control and less stressed.



HIIT workouts

High Intensity Interval Training is taking the fitness world by storm, and for good reasons! These workouts range from around 10 - 30 minutes so could end up cutting your workout time in half. You can squeeze one in before work, on your lunch break or whenever you have a few minutes to spare. They are intense, but effective!



Sneak in the fruit and veg

Getting the right vitamins and minerals into your diet will help you stay healthy and energised without even realising. Chuck a handful of blueberries into your morning smoothie or some spinach into your curries and soups. Little extras here and there will ensure you get the nutrients you need for a healthy lifestyle on the go!

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