Nourishment : The Benefits of Seeds

As you may already know, all of our tasty granola varieties contain four types of seeds; pumpkin, sunflower, sesame and linseeds (otherwise known as flax seeds). These give the granola a great crunch and extra flavour, but why do we really need seeds in our general diets? Read below to find out the benefits to these small but mighty foods.



Vitamin E is a very important addition to your diet as it is a fantastic antioxidant that helps protect cell damage and keeps brain cells healthy. Combine this with their great source of zinc, seeds could even help to prevent cancer and slow down diseases such as Alzheimers. (Source:


Rich in Protein

A good way to think of protein is like building blocks, it’s what our body is made of, and is therefore an essential part of a healthy diet. We need protein to help build muscle mass and maintain healthy bones. So for all you gym bunnies out there, a handful of seeds makes a great post-workout snack.


High in Fibre

Fibre is so important to a healthy lifestyle because it helps keep our gut healthy and working properly. Seeds are a great source of fibre and since most of us don’t actually get enough of it in our diets, seeds are a great addition to your diet if you’re concerned about your digestion. 


Healthy Brain Function

The B vitamins play a big role in healthy brain function, but the superstar here is vitamin B5. Sesame seeds are especially high in this key vitamin, and it contributes to normal mental performance. They also contain an amino acid called tryptophan, which can even help to lower anxiety levels. So don’t think about it, eat seeds! (Source:


Energy boosters

Seeds are a healthy and low-fat way to get a great little energy boost throughout your day. Along with Vitamin B3, which helps reduce tiredness and fatigue, seeds are high in iron which helps maintain high energy levels. Perfect to keep you going until lunch time. 


A Healthy Heart

As we all know, your heart is the hardest working muscle in your body and so it needs all the help it can get! You can give it some support with vitamin B1 which helps the heart to function normally. Seeds are also a great source of Omega 3 fatty acids, which are great for keeping the heart healthy. 


Lower Blood Sugar Levels 

You’d be hard pushed to find a better source of magnesium than seeds, which helps to regulate blood sugar levels. Pumpkin seeds are especially powerful for those who are fighting diabetes or high blood sugar levels. Sweet! 


So don’t wait to get your fill of seeds! You can sprinkle extra flaxseeds on your morning granola, make a tasty seeded bread or simply bake some sunflower or pumpkin seeds in the oven to make crunchy snack. Whatever way you have them, seeds are guaranteed to boost your health and make your body happy.

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